Vegan Feminist


If you are a vegan, you are a feminist. You want equal rights.  You want compassion and rights for everyone, regardless of species, intellect, gender, or skin color.


I don’t think you could be one without the other. How could you be a feminist and not cry out like the mother cows do when their babies are stolen from them only hours after birth? The female baby cows are taken away, only to be raised with a milk fortified substitute, not their mother’s milk, to ensure their place in the dairy slave industry.  They will be artificially inseminated, on the rape rack to produce the most amount of babies themselves so that humans can still be brain washed into believing that milk is not only good for us, but that if we don’t “milk” cows, their udders will become infected. The rape rack restrains the female cows while a farm worker inserts his arm into the cow’s rectum while his or her other hand inserts an AL gun into her vagina, injecting bull semen.  Once their bodies give out from exhaustion of pregnancy after pregnancy, about 4 to 6 years, they are slaughtered for meat. Many times their worn out bodies are drug to the kill floor of the slaughterhouse.   The natural life expectancy is 15 to 20 years.  On the other hand, male baby cows are ripped away from their mothers, also usually within hours of birth, and hauled off to a small box to live in for a few short months, chained, so as little movement as possible. Their tender bodies will be slaughtered before six months of age for veal. How sad their short lives are.    We have been told that there are happy farms and happy animals and happy mommy and baby cows. Farmers are only ensuring the well being of these creatures.



That couldn’t be farther from the truth.  We are cruel psychopaths for the abuse we inflict on all animals in animal agriculture.  It doesn’t matter if it’s the giant factory or the local, “organic, no antibiotics used, humanely slaughtered” farms. Isn’t that a pathetic joke?  Humane and slaughter in the same sentence is an oxymoron that should never be used.   It’s ugly. It’s abusive.  It’s unnecessary. Why are we still inflicting pain and misery on sentient beings?  Mother’s provide their milk for their babies.  We ween our children off of our milk as they grow older. Why don’t we allow the same respect for female cows and their babies? Why do we prevent this natural act between a mother and a child just so humans can drink another species milk?

It’s the way it’s always been. I have to have my glass of milk with my cookies. I could never give up cheese. What about pizza?  My parents died eating corpses and their secretions.  I am going to die eating corpses and their secretions.   We’ve abused animals for so long, that people have grown used to the disconnect between cute little farm animals and the awful truth of animal agriculture. . As a society, women have been  abused and taken for granted for so long, that people have grown used to the disconnect between women’s rights and and what’s right.


Both were considered property since the beginning of time. Over the years, women have fearlessly fought to gain their respect and position in life.  We are making progress, but we have a long way to go. We need to do the same for animals, all animals.  They have no voice, except for us.

We must continue for everyone’s rights!  We live in a male dominated society.   It’s about time we change our outlook on –it’s always been this way.   Let’s be better.  Let’s be more compassionate. Let’s open our eyes.  Educate yourself.  Do the research.   Let’s change—for the better of all of us. Keep fighting the good fight and please don’t forget the animals.

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