Common Sense

The other day on Twitter, I was blown away by someone’s request for advice and the amount of people backing her and her doctor’s complete lack of knowledge.


When do people come to the conclusion that just because someone has a title or a degree, their advice is god like, even when the facts don’t add up?

When does common sense and factual data lag far in last place of reason when a doctor gives his or her opinion?

We go to professionals when we can’t solve our own issues.  We seek educated advice when we need repairs on our homes.  We call the mechanic when our vehicles don’t work properly.  We make appointments with healthcare specialists when we aren’t well.


Some diagnoses are easy. Your battery is dead.  You need 500 square feet of carpet.  You have an ear infection.

Some diagnoses aren’t that easy.

I know you’re car has been sputtering, but every time we bring it into the garage, it runs fine.  We will have to run some more tests. Bats are in your home, but we need to do some more investigation to figure out where they are getting in.  Yes, your acne is severe, but we aren’t sure why.  We don’t just want to randomly prescribe antibiotics and chemical peels until we eliminate all varying factors.

Diagnoses begins with tests, research, data, clues, process of elimination, and more tests.  Possibilities are endless.

Sometimes the professionals just don’t know.  I get that.

So, when someone throws out there that they really wanted to be vegan, but they couldn’t because their doctor said they NEEDED meat and cheese to heal their health issues, I call bullshit.


What the fuck could a person be deficient in that their doctor prescribes fatty, cholesterol, cancer, inflammation causing meat and dairy?

I wonder who is subsidizing that doctor’s paycheck. Maybe he/she needed another all-expense paid trip to the Bahamas!


I just couldn’t wrap my head round it.  Apparently, this young woman had mental and immune disorders, as so she stated. How  can either of those issues be helped by eating dead corpses and their secretions?  I asked that very same question.

I was bombarded with all sorts of nonsense.  Listen to your doctor. Vegan are aggressive.  Meat and dairy are healthy for you. Healthcare professionals are always right.  Has our society really come to this?

When did people stop giving an educated shit about their own lives?


People are obese.  Scooters are common place in the grocery stores. Teenagers are massively overweight loaded with acne, depression, and a total lack of knowledge on what is real food and what is not.   High blood pressure, diabetes, cholesterol, mental health issues, heart disease, and cancer are rampant. Doctors are prescribing a pill for this, a pill for that.  Diet doesn’t seem to factor in.

Gorging on meat and dairy and all other types of processed food continues.  Ears are tightly closed when confronted with healthy, healing food choices. My parents ate that way. My neighbors eat that way.  My coworkers eat that way.  They may be dying. They may be sick, but by god, I am going to stand with the masses.  That many people can’t be wrong.  Right?


Veganism—how extreme!!!!!! Plants have feelings.  I could never give up cheese.

Eating corpses and animal secretions— perfectly normal!

We are slowly, but surely killing ourselves with our “food”.  Take a look around your local grocery store and see how fat is the new norm.  Check out many people’s carts of food.  It’s loaded with meat, dairy, and other processed crap just slowly poisoning their bodies.  Just prescribe me another pill doc. I’ll just get a bigger pair of jeans. Chunky is the new thin.  Not accepting obesity is fat shaming.

No one is perfect.  We only live once.  We all have our vices, but and that’s a huge BUT, wake the fuck up people and start trying to live again!  Go Vegan!


I hope that we finally understand before it’s too late.

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