Soup–It’s What’s for Dinner


Soup, it’s what’s for dinner; not beef!  In fact, no animals harmed in any of my soup adventures.

It’s almost winter.  Freezing temperatures, snow, and ice can really screw up our days!  I worked outside for  hours a few days ago.  The weather was windy with lots of snow.  I froze my toes off.



Getting an earlier start in the mornings to brush off your vehicles and warm them up, wakes you right up.  Who the hell wants that?

My middle son will argue with me about how crappy the weather is, but that’s because he’s a skier.  He wants all the cold and snow you can throw at him.  I’d love to throw all the snow at him when he talks like that.


Ok skiers, sliders, snow boarders, and all around frozen loving bitches, I get it.  That doesn’t mean I like it.

How do I and the Captain cope other than heating up with large amounts of alcohol?  We make soup of course; all kinds of soup.  We are busy bastards, just like most everyone so most of our soup making goes into the crock pot for later to cook all day (or night)!


It’s so easy.  One of my latest addictions is the Better than Bouillon vegetable base. Love this stuff!


I am really really good at just throwing this or that, depending what I have on hand, into the crock pot and BAM, the soup turns out super funky good!

Experiment.   I usually throw tons of different things in the pot.  99% of the time, it turns out to die for.

Vegetables, milks, loads of spices, tomatoes, onion, and garlic make the process easy.  I usually have something on hand to make soup.   You’ll be surprised what you can concoct with just a few items from your cupboard.


Some days, I just see what I have on hand and start a pot of soup on the stove top, heating up the kitchen.   Perfect for a cold day.


The problem is, I usually (who am I kidding with here? —I rarely, ever) don’t measure ingredients, so it’s never quite the same.  I’ll take some into work for coworkers to try and they will want the recipe.  At that point, all I can tell them is what I put into it, but not exactly how much!


I have been getting so many requests that I have started measuring while making and if it turns out tasty( which it usually does because  Vegan Bitch Can Cook) then I have the blueprint to pass it along.  I love showing people how awesome vegan food can be.


Some new recipes are up on the website tonight.  They  rock.  I will be working on a new cream of cauliflower, onion, broccoli, and garlic soup today.  It will be easy, delicious, and healthy too.



 I am not exactly sure what I am throwing in, but if it turns out, I will surely share the recipe with you.



I hope you wonderful peeps enjoy.  Stay warm!  If you can’t, just make some soup!

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