Curry in the House

Captain UK made us an Indian curry meal last night for my birthday.  It was, as usual, a brilliant meal.  Before meeting the Captain, I had never had Indian food.  Sad, eh? I came from a small rural town and who the hell does anything different than a pot roast, pizza, and grilling out some dogs?


Times are changing and so are people.  They are opening their eyes.  People are trying new things. Climate change is happening.  Veganism is growing.  The local small town diner is not only offering an all you can eat fish dinner, but a veggie burger as well.


So along comes Indian food.  Much of it is vegan.  Included is lots of vegetables, spices, and fresh as fuck.   Easy is an understatement.  I am so glad my eyes are now open to the thousands of possibilities of new and different food.



Try new.  Venture out.  Enjoy the fuck out of Indian curry.  Your heart, mind, soul and stomach will not only thank you; they will ask for more.


Indian food, Ethiopian food, American food, Japanese food; ALL food is worth trying and opening  your mind to.




1 sweet potato diced in small pieces

1 onion diced

3 small jalapenos diced

1 jar curry sauce

1 28 oz can crushed tomatoes

1 cucumber diced

Slice and dice sweet potato.  Bake in oven at 350 degrees about 20 minutes, until soft. In the mean time, saute onion in large frying pan with about a Tablespoon of oil.  Add curry sauce, tomatoes, cucumber and sweet potato.  Turn on low and let simmer for 10 minutes to bring flavors together.  Serve with rice, mango chutney, and poppodums.  Poppodums rock the fuck out of the dinner when fried.  They take only seconds to cook in oil.


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