Happy Easter




In our household, Easter is a time of sleeping in, chocolates, and $$$ for the boys!  This morning, Captain UK and I took a 5 mile bike ride in 30 degree temps to get the day started.   What a beautiful clean crisp day. The cold kicked my ass, but I am so thrilled we did it.  New bikes yesterday.  We started riding immediately.  Now that exercise and responsibility are out of the way, food, drinks, and snacks are on the menu.


We started out with a super healthy breakfast loaded with flavor. It’s so fucking easy being a vegan.  You may just need guidance on getting started.  All these foods were easily purchased and cooked up.

I couldn’t sleep last night, so I whipped up a vegan banana cake for our Easter dessert.  I piled on a buttercream frosting with Miyoko’s vegan butter!  It’s so good that one of the omnivores of the house ate a piece before I had a chance to make the frosting.  I believe that’s a good sign.


We had some snacks to keep us running as we worked hard on our day.


Captain UK and I are doing a garlic/mushroom cream sauce with Italian pasta.  It’s a newbie for us and it turned out even better than we expected.



What’s nice is that there is no more egg hunting, no more hams in the roaster, no more deviled eggs, no more prime rib of beef, no more dyed eggs, no more stuffed turkeys, no more animal abuse.  Torture, stress, pain, and slaughter is removed on a holiday that is supposed to ensure hope and happiness.  Odd isn’t it?

Celebrating  a holiday by slaughtering lambs(babies) for your main meal is cruel and  a complete hypocrisy of peace, love and understanding.  Maybe you prefer a rib roast from another sentient being, the loving, doesn’t want to die cow.  How about snatching a turkey from her family to make as your main attraction on this peaceful day?

We don’t need to do any of this as you can see.  We had a great day.  We ate like kings and queens( vegans of course).  No one starved.  No one was harmed.  It was a fun, loving, peaceful day full of compassion, understanding and guilt free.   Enjoy the holiday.  Hope it was as awesome as ours.

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