Oreo Thins

Yep, Oreo Thins.  Captain UK picked up some of these delightful cookies  today while I was working. He surprised me with them after the lunch he made of a lovely pasta and marinara sauce; ready for when I came home this afternoon.

I love double stuffed Oreo cookies.  Who doesn’t?  These Oreo Thins were a whole new adventure.


Are Oreo’s actually vegan?  Yes!!!

Are Oreo’s low in sugar?  No!!!

Are Oreo’s low in calories?  No!!!

Are Oreo’s healthy?  Fuck No!!!

Are Oreo’s good for you?  Fuck No, in no way, shape, or form!!! Unless you are talking mental health!

Sometimes we all just have a little bit of a sweet tooth.

We work hard! We play hard!  We deserve a little tasty sweet treat when we are craving one.  These little cookies do the trick.

Tons of varieties too!


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