There is a million different fantastic vegan websites (which is a GREAT thing) loaded with tons of vegan recipes.  New ones are popping up every day. We are seeing an endless supply of amazing vegan food.  Who wouldn’t love that?


We have it all from raw vegan to Fat Gay Vegan and everything in between.  We have burgers, Indian recipes, street food, Mexican taco varieties, gluten free, frozen and restaurant options. Availability of new products are growing by the day.  You name it; we vegans are doing it and doing it well.


Since we have so many options, I have decided to direct my website towards product reviews and some recipes using those products. I am looking for all your input—good, bad, ugly, and in between.  If there is something out there you want to try, but you just don’t see yourself spending $7.99 on a 4 oz. package of vegan cheese, let me know.  I will do the work for you.


 Captain UK and I will purchase, taste test, add to recipes, and give our honest as fuck opinions.  I have been vegan for over 3 years; the Captain almost 6 years.  We love love LOVE food.  We will be your vegan food warriors, love it or hate it.  Daily posts and blogs will record our every move for you benefit.


In the next few months, our new kitchen is going in and we will be recording crazy ass videos of our taste tests, drinking escapades, and vegan cumfuckery.  YOU WILL LOVE IT.  I PROMISE!

ice cream

Stay tuned for lots of newbie stuff.  Return constantly for new reviews to make your life easier.  Yes, the carnivores will still keep asking you where you get your protein from! The assholes will keep spouting “Bacon” on your social media.  We will still be here for support!  We hope you enjoy!

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