How to Date a Vegan 101


Four Years ago, I was a steak grilling, cheeseburger loving, pepperoni pizza eating  mother of three carnivore boys when I fell for a vegan!  How the Hell does that happen?



We had been friends online for a year.  I knew he was a vegan, but it didn’t affect me.  What did I care what he ate or didn’t eat?   Once we became more than friends, I began to care.  I didn’t know much about veganism, except that it was some sort of diet that excluded animal products.  Weren’t most vegans hippies? Weren’t they all sickly thin and undernourished? What had I got myself into?


Even though I didn’t understand at the time that being a vegan was not a diet, but a lifestyle, I just started asking questions to get a better grasp on the do’s and don’ts of this craziness.   If I admired and respected this man enough to start a relationship with him, I needed to open myself up to understand his lifestyle.  But, who doesn’t eat meat?  What’s wrong with cheese?



I asked question after question.  Where do you get your protein/iron/B12?  Yes, I actually went there.   What do you even order at a restaurant?  Are all pastas vegan? I even asked him what was wrong with my beloved cheese.



I received answers that shocked me into opening my eyes.  I listened, truly listened intently to his answers.  My curiosity peaked even more.  I researched the vegan movement so I could gain even more knowledge.  I bought a vegan cookbook.  I tried new vegan meat and dairy alternative products.  Just by listening, I went vegetarian within the first month of wrapping my head around the horrors of animal agriculture.  The impact of a non-vegan society on our climate and Mother Earth surprised me.  The health benefits of veganism were outstanding in their own right.  I never ridiculed his lifestyle decisions.  Listening and understanding vegan life, whether you practice it or not, goes a long way.  How could anyone be against an informed, educated, factual, compassionate life?

The more I learned, the more I questioned my own lifestyle.   Mr. Vegan was nonjudgmental of me, but his eye opening answers showed me the way.



He ended up becoming my wonderful husband, vegan and all.  He even moved almost 4000 miles away from the United Kingdom to be with me and the three carnivores.  We have been married coming up on three years now.

The boys aren’t vegan (yet), but they fully understand the compassionate lifestyle it envelopes.


As for this steak grilling, cheeseburger loving, pepperoni pizza eating mother, she’s now a proud vegan and has been for over three years. I still eat steak, burgers, and pizza, but they are all vegan now!



Bottom line…….. Don’t let your prejudices or misunderstandings of veganism deter you from dating someone just because you don’t “get it”!

You may just lose the double best decision of your life.  I’m thankful I didn’t.





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