Vegan Bitch Can Cook


Who the fuck doesn’t love con queso dip? Before becoming vegan, it was as simple as taking a slab of crappy Velveeta, a can of Rotel, and melting them together.   You couldn’t stop munching on this golden, horrible for you concoction.


Guess what?  Along comes vegan con queso.   You will enjoy the fuck out of this recipe.  It’s easy, cheesy, can’t stop eating goodness.



Vegan Con Queso


2 C Potatoes, diced large

1 C Carrots, diced large

½ C Water

1/3 C Olive Oil

2 t Garlic Salt

1 ¼ T Lemon Juice

½ to ¾ C Nutritional Yeast

½ t Onion Powder

¼ t Garlic Powder

Dash of Cayenne

1 Can Rotel


Boil potatoes and carrots together until soft.  Add all ingredients to food processor, except Rotel.  Blend until smooth.  It will be a gorgeous cheese sauce.  Add Rotel and mix.   Eat immediately and try not to make a pig of yourself.  Super good, especially for those craving dairy.




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