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This is the website to come to for great recipes, product reviews, guidance, tips, and even serious shit.  New products reviews were posted today along with new recipes. Many more are coming soon.   Stay tuned for some serious shit about applying for a job at a slaughterhouse later this week.

When I first became a vegan over three years ago, I wasn’t sure where to start.  Of course I knew that fruits and veggies were staples, but there was a lot I needed to learn.

What vegan food products were out there? Where could I find them? Did only the health food store carry them?  Where were vegan meat and dairy alternatives located in the stores? What ones were any good?  Which ones sucked?

How was I ever going to learn to cook again?  My dietary life of cooking revolved around meat and dairy.   What about sour cream, cheese, and deli meat? Speaking of cheese, why was it so bad for people to eat it?  What was I going to pack for work lunches? Were potlucks ever going to be possible again? Would I be able to eat out at a restaurant? What about holiday celebrations?

What about all the questions I was surely going to receive. Would I have all the answers?  How would I handle the jokes?

I wasn’t sure where to start. I learned the hard way.  I threw myself in 110% and have happily never looked back. I have hit road bumps and made mistakes.  I grew from those.  I read every label, every ingredient.  I have tried the shitty products and fallen in love with the great products.

I learned to cook all over again.   I have veganized just about any recipe that I used to love and now love them even more so.  People are blown away how great my food tastes.  I love to wow them.

Veganism is not hard.  It’s far from impossible.  Most of us have just been tuned to do what we grew up doing, eating what “everyone” else ate.  We just need to learn the compassionate way.

There is no better time to be a vegan.  The animals need us.  The earth needs us.

New products are coming out daily.  Our movement is growing rapidly.  I am here to help with my big fat mouth of facts and opinions.  Much more coming your way.

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