Who wants to become a vegan? Who already is one?  Who loves being one?  Who is nervous or worried about becoming a vegan? We are here to make it an easy transition for even the most hardcore meat and dairy lover.

I have put up some more fantastic vegan product reviews on the website.  Anything to help another vegan or want to be vegan out is always a good deal.  If you’re not a vegan, but just checking out some great information, welcome!

We are in awe of the new products we keep finding every time we shop.

It truly is a perfect time to become a vegan. One day, you’ll say, I wish I would have taken the leap to veganism sooner.

Tonight we are trying out a new product from Meijer grocery store.


They have started a new line of vegan burgers.  We are excited and hope they rock.  We will keep you posted.

We have found some lovely salted almonds at Kroger that I keep promising to turn into almond butter, but they are so good, we eat them all before I get a chance.  These are the best we have had, by far.  You would think that salted almonds are just what they are….salted almonds! We have found a huge difference in brands.


Next up in our culinary vegan product journey is these cheap vegetarian corn bread muffins.  Of course we will veganize these too. Our kids love corn bread.  We do too. We shall see. We will be adding vegan milk and either no eggs or egg replacer.


Check out our future posts!  We will continually be posting new products to make it easier for all of us to eat, drink, be merry, and be as compassionate as fuck!

We finally found the Beyond Meat Burgers the world has been raving about.  We loved them too.  Our blog post tomorrow will be all about these wonderful burgers.


In the mean time, check out all these great new products.  Take a peek on the blog.  Lots and lots of great stuff to help you on your journey. Leave us a comment, suggestion, review, or opinion.  We are always open to listen. Have a great weekend.

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