Vegan Bitch Can Cook

Stay Tuned

Exciting new “stuff” is coming to VBCC!  The Best of the Best  Product Reviews will keep coming at ya! Our version of banana, peanut butter, chocolate Nice Cream Bars will be be in the next blog and added to the web along with super cool salads and grilling recipes and tips.  Our vegetable garden is kicking ass.  Lots of greats ideas to share.  It’s summertime on our hands now! I will show you how to wrap it up, vegan style.  Who doesn’t love to grill?  Just because we don’t eat smoked meat, doesn’t mean we have to suffer.

The biggest changes coming are a complete kitchen remodel so we can start videos and live feeds.  That might get a little hairy, but fun as fuck, I’m sure.  Add some Jack Daniels and super tasty ingredients and you may just have a recipe for inspiration (or disaster) .  The entertainment factor should be mind blowing alone.  So please stay tuned as I work my paying job a million hours this week, but always thinking about my passion of vegan cooking and showing the world that we aren’t missing out.

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