The day has arrived.  I knew it would eventually. We all knew it would.  It’s been a long three plus years.  I’ve struggled with veganism and the grocery shopping ever since I became a vegan.  My husband and I are both vegan.  The boys are not. An “us” verses “them” theme was created.  I was still buying meat, dairy, and eggs for the kids. Cooking meals became more difficult.  Thanksgiving consisted of a Tofurky for us, a turkey for them.   Grilling out became steaks for them, Gardein burgers for us.


Grocery shopping became painful.  Just putting a gallon of dairy milk in the grocery cart was embarrassing.  I thought I was a vegan! A vegan doesn’t buy dairy.  Vegans don’t grill steaks.   Vegans don’t cook a turkey for Thanksgiving!


What was I doing?  Feeling like I was living two separate lives was heavily weighing on my thoughts.

I was not spraying chemicals on my vegetable garden so as to not kill any bugs or birds, but I was seemingly ok with contributing to the horrors of the dairy industry by purchasing cheese for the boys.  There was a constant battle with the decisions I was making on a daily basis.  I wasn’t really practicing what I preached.  I was tired of feeling awful for my blatant disregard for animals.


My husband and my veganism made me feel great.  My conscious told me that my greatness was severely limited due to my lifestyle choices for the ENTIRE family.

We’ve done Meatless Mondays.  We’ve encouraged all the boys to try our vegan meals.  We’ve openly talked about our vegan lifestyle. I have veganized most of our family favorite meals.  For the most part, the boys were open and willing to try vegan meals, but they all still wanted their roast beef and macaroni and cheese.

I know the health benefits of being a vegan.  I know the horror and sadness of animal agriculture.  I have read and watched everything vegan related that I have been able to get my hands on.

I started my own website.  I even started writing for other vegan blogs.  I became a vegan for all the right reasons, but now I must make this announcement for the good of my family.  I am sure that some will call this abuse.  Some will say, “How could I”?  There will be jokes and condescending remarks.  There may be swearing.  Yelling and even shedding tears may be possible.  My mind just got to the point last Friday where I said…..NO MORE!


Fridays after work seem to be the big grocery shopping days for our family.  As usual, this past Friday, I headed out to our local Kroger grocery store and worked my way through the aisles.   My first stop was in the meat section to pick up Beyond Meat Burgers and Sausages for us and beef burgers and pork sausages for them.  Just being in the meat section, makes me ill watching everyone pick out their selections of corpses. Why was I doing the same?


I moved on to the frozen section, picking out some beef and turkey potpies for them, Boca Chik’n Patties for us.  By the time I reached the produce department, my cart was fairly full.  Full of fruits, vegetables, nuts, and lots of vegan options.  Sadly, it was also full of death.  I was complicit. What the fuck was I doing? I felt horrible.  That is when I officially decided, NO MORE! No more “their food” and “our food”. How was I supposed to introduce and promote our veganism by feeding them shit?   I methodically went back throughout the store and put all the animal products back.  I picked up some more vegan burgers and sausages.  I headed to the check-out line and for the first time since becoming vegan, I wasn’t embarrassed putting my selections up on the belt.


I went home and grilled up a shit ton of vegan food for everyone.  My youngest son ate a burger AND an Italian sausage and really liked both.

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Saturday and Sunday I grilled up even more vegan food for everyone.  Vegan burgers, Gardein chik’n strips, and loads of vegetables were on the menu.  We ate like Vikings; vegan Vikings.  Everyone was satisfied.


I will no longer buy meat, dairy, eggs or any other animal products.  If being a vegan is so great for us, it has to be great for them.

The official announcement to the entire family is coming this week when we can get everyone together.  The Captain and I know we will receive some resistance, but they (and us) will survive.

NO MORE never felt so good!

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