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New Vegan Product Reviews

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New Vegan Product Reviews

Every day we are buying and trying new vegan products.  Some are awesome; some not so awesome.  We’re not here to run down the shitty products, but to showcase the great ones, giving you a heads up on what to go out and try if you haven’t already. We will continue to drop new product reviews in your lap to make your busy life just a little bit easier.

First up today is Dave’s Killer Bread.  Now this is what I call great bread.  This is not only the best of the best bread out there, their company rocks too.

Dave’s Killer Bread Company produces healthy, tasty, seedy, whole grain, bread.  They also employ great people who are working on their second chances.  You may notice the cheesy guy on the package, but look past that for great taste.


Nothing artificial, all organic, non GMO, and no high fructose corn syrup are just a few added bonuses to the consumer. This latest purchase of ours was the Good Seed version.  Fantastic! Some of their varieties are as follows

  • Good Seed
  • Power Seed
  • Blues Bread With a Blue Cornmeal Crust
  • White Bread Done Right
  • Thin Sliced

That’s just their bread line.  They also do a line of bagels which include

  • Plain
  • Epic Everything
  • Cinnamon Raisin
  • Bloomin Berry

Check out their website and their breads and bagels.  You can’t go wrong.


Biscoff Cookie Butter




What the fuck is this?  OMG, be very careful of this product.  Do NOT buy if you’re willpower is not at a super human strength.  This vegan product is delightful.  How can you go wrong with sweet crunchy cookie butter?  If you’re not careful, you’ll scarf down spoonful after spoonful before realizing that ½ the jar is already gone.  This lovely product is made from Lotus Biscoff Cookies from Lemeke, Belgium.   No artificial colors or preservatives.   Non GMO and nut free also.  This product is a special sweet treat.  You can use this as a dip for pretzels or spread it on toast.  We prefer to eat it right out of the jar.  First come, first serve. Hide it if you can.


Walkerswood Plenty Hot Jamaican Fire Stick Pepper Sauce




What a great Jamaican hot sauce.   This bottle is tiny, but a dab will do you.  This is a flavorful hot sauce that is definitely on the hotter side.  Cheap too.  Only $1.09 for 3.38 oz.  We love to dip our peanut butter toast in this sauce for breakfast.   Originating from the Caribbean, this company has earned its success through their wonderful sauces.   We love their Hot Jamaican Scotch Bonnet sauce just as much.




Caribbean Dreams Coconut Milk




I have fallen in love with this milk.  Tonight I used this coconut milk to make a divine ranch dressing for our salad on this super-hot summer day.  I put the can in the refrigerator, keeping it cold to thicken it.  I add equal amounts to Just Mayo, whip, and spice it up with onion powder, cayenne pepper, chives, garlic salt and black pepper.  This product is a perfect base to add to potato salad, dressings, vegan sour cream, dips, and many other milk based recipes.


More great product reviews on the way.  Experiment! Try something new.  Research the new products out there.  The more we try and buy, the cheaper the great products will become.  Maybe, just maybe, one day meat and dairy will become a thing of the past.



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