You Must Be Wealthy and Posh to Be a Vegan


Vegans ARE wealthy and posh.  We see it all the time.  Certainly no one can afford the luxury of being a vegan unless you have bank rolled a million dollars.  I should know.  I am one of them. My husband is also.

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I met my husband, Captain UK about five years ago online.  He was vegan.  I was not.  With lots of questions and inhaling all the information I could, I went vegan ASAP.  But of course it was easy for us rich white folks.   We both had homes, jobs, and money in the bank. We had money to burn.   Through the proper immigration channels, we married, and legally moved the Captain to the United States.  Life was full of unicorns and rainbows. I worked for NASA.  The Captain is now a Program Coordinator for a federally funded program to help the disadvantaged.  Life is good.  Why wouldn’t it be?

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Being vegan is a piece of cake for us. With vegan foods being so expensive and extreme, it would be hard for most people to embrace the vegan lifestyle.  Not so for us wealthy vegans.  We have two homes in two different countries.  We have four vehicles amongst the five of us. We have great jobs.  Remember, I work for NASA!!! We travel the world.  We enjoy the most gorgeous sunsets and eat the freshest of foods.  We are living life to its fullest. Veganism is amazing, but only if you can afford it.  We feel heartbroken for the rest of the world that veganism is out of their reach due to financial status.

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I wanted to showcase a “daily life of a well off vegan” to allow most of you to strive to achieve the wealthy vegan status.  Maybe one day, veganism will be comfortably available for ALL people.

Today is a Monday.   I don’t know of anyone who loves a Monday, but today was a pretty good day.  I woke up at my usual 4 am start to fresh coffee, central air conditioning cranking, and all three boys comfortably sleeping in their memory foam beds.  The cats were curled up at our feet and soon the morning would break through the skylight in our ceiling.  Life was just perfect.

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I packed a lunch of leftover vegan burgers and corn on the cob.  On my way out the door, I double checked the massive amount of garbage I set out at the curb for pickup from our kitchen demo project.  We are putting in a $20,000 kitchen remodel for our posh lifestyle.  Cabinets are in, just waiting on our countertops.

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I headed to work, cranking the music as my early morning therapy.  It’s hotter than hell outside and I knew that would radiate at work.

I arrived at work and ate some leftover corn for my breakfast. That’s the benefit of being wealthy.  Who needs toast or cereal?

Work was hot hot hot today.  We were rebuilding valves and had to do a lot of painting and cleaning of parts after wrenching on them for hours.  The sun was brutal, along with the humidity.

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In the midst of trying to cooperate with a long Monday at work, I realized my middle son had a doctor’s appointment today two hours before he was due.  I couldn’t get ahold of him.  How do I forget these things?  Did my assistant drop the ball?

Next up, I had to work on immigration paperwork and make some copies of important documents on my lunch break.  I was running late this morning, tired from working in the garden, lawn and porch areas over the weekend, so I had packed a not so great lunch.  Where was my maid to make this all happen?

After working my long hot day, I retired home to my estate to relax in the pool I don’t own.  Not really, but I did get the garden hose out.

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I arrived home, noticing the garbage men hadn’t taken all the garbage I had laid out. I walked in the house and saw the mirror in the bathroom was down.  Someone had apparently, accidentally knocked it off the wall and nails were missing.  I fixed, cleaned, and rehung. I wiped some mold that was starting to settle on the ceiling from all the hot showers we had taken.  I also changed cat trays.  I will spare you the pictures.  I emptied garbage.  I turned off fans left on.  I thanked the gods of winter for keeping my air conditioning running in this heat wave.  I checked the kid’s bedrooms and removed empty cups and half eaten food items.

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  I started a load of laundry.  I made sure the kitty cats had fresh food and water.  I pulled up the empty garbage and recycle bins to the house.  After I noticed the smell, I rinsed them of maggots and scrubbed them clean.garbage Thanks to the always wrong weather people and this heat, I had to water our large garden and refresh the bird bath.    Just what I wanted to do after work on a hot Monday! I took dishes outside and washed them with the hose since we are in limbo with our kitchen; our kitchen which has been overdue for three years as the oldest went to college.  Rotting, leaking, and a broken oven were the norm for the entire time.  We watched every penny to make this finally happen. I worked a zillion hours of overtime.     I whisked away wet clothes near the washing machine. chick At the end of my adventure inside and  outside, I talked the neighbor’s chicken into walking back into their fenced in yard.

I am no different than the rest of you.  Outside perceptions are the worst.  We are not loaded and rolling in dough.  We have to send $$ back to England every month to pay the bills.  We not only have two car payments, but the kids’ father bought the cars for the boys and pay for their auto insurance.  They are far from new, but very much appreciated.  Our amazing sunsets and freshest of foods come from our vegetable garden which I spend hours and hours in trying to provide for my family. garrI am constantly watering, weeding, and tending to the garden in one way or another.   Our traveling journeys have mostly been back to England, my husband’s home town, to connect with family and friends and keep an eye on his English residence.  It’s never been about lavishness and jet setting around the world.

We are not posh, even though we have been called it more than once.  We are hardworking “normal” people just like the rest of you.  We work too much. Both of us have two jobs.   We cut coupons and try to catch the deals to save us a penny.  We turn off lights when not in use. We go without.   We worry about medical bills.  The Captain won’t go back to the doctor about a kidney stone because he is worried about the price after receiving a $1000 bill for his CAT scan alone.

Veganism isn’t posh.  Misconceptions are always around.  It isn’t only for the wealthy and misconceived notions never help the movement. This is a myth created and pushed onto the general public by Animal Agriculture.  As you can see, on the outside, we look as financially comfortable as the Royals. We aren’t.  We are struggling as much as the rest of the world.    When it’s all laid out, you see we are just a working middle class trying to make ends meet.  That’s just proof that veganism is for everyone.  Food is not too expensive.  Veganism is a compassionate, cheap, easy, lifestyle for everyone.

Check out our other blogs for cheap, easy ideas.

I need to run.  My chef hasn’t prepared our evening meal yet.  Guess I’ll have to eat leftovers over the not yet finished kitchen. dindin.jpg     The nerve.



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