Happy Thanksgiving hangover weekend.   LOL   We had a wonderful long holiday and are trying to ease back into the grind.

If you have a question for us either food related, animal rights, activism or anything in-between, just ask and we will do whatever we can to help out.  We were new at this once too.

Being vegan is super simple…….once you have a little experience, know the ropes, and have the support you need.

Other times, you may feel like you are the only vegan walking the planet. Trust me, you aren’t!  And the best news is, we are growing rapidly.   More and more people are waking up to the benefits of veganism.abuse.jpg

Your coworkers might make fun of your lifestyles choices. You may get the   “Where do you get your protein” too many times to count. Even your omnivore doctor might be concerned about your protein or iron intake.  Really?  Apparently they either didn’t pay much attention in med school or they were never taught real nutrition.   Your sweet little grandmother won’t understand when you pass on her famous ham salad. You might try numerous times to veganism your past favorite dishes and fail miserably.

Add the stress of the holiday season, family, time constraints, freezing cold weather, and possible money worries and you might have a recipe for disaster.

You might start thinking it would just be easier to go back to your old ways!




Remember, being a vegan is the best decision for your body and health, the animals, and our planet.


Over the holiday’s or anytime really, check out some of these great documentaries to support and reinforce your compassionate healthier lifestyle.


What a powerful film!   Even though we’ve heard the heard the hype, it’s taken us too long before watching this eye opening documentary.  We certainly didn’t need any convincing to change our diet. We are already hard core vegans, but the health effects of eating meat, dairy, and eggs is even more mind blowing than we thought.

As quoted from What the Health!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




Yikes!  That statement alone should wake up every one! This film was written, produced, and directed by Kip Andersen and Keegan Kuhn.  They advocate for a plant-based diet.  This 2017 documentary criticizes the health impact of meat, dairy, and eggs and rightly so.  They examine the connection between the meat, dairy, and pharmaceutical companies and their cover ups in the world of health.

Experienced doctors like Dr. Caldwell Esselstyne https://en.wikipedia/wiki/Caldwell_Esselstyn

and Dr. Kim A. Williams https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kim_A._Williams  and many other professionals are inspirational in this highly acclaimed documentary.  If you haven’t seen this mind blowing production, you need to.  Awakening is the term I would us to describe this film.





If you’ve ever wondered about animal slaughter and if you think there is truly the ability to humanely kill an animal for food that doesn’t want to die, this documentary is for you.  WARNING……. It’s graphic, horrific, ugly, sad, heartbreaking, eye opening, and in my humble opinion a necessary watch for anyone that has ever, will ever, and currently eats meat. Animal agriculture is nothing but death camps.   I made it through about half way, sipping on a few glasses of wine, sobbing until I just couldn’t watch the abuse any longer.   Like the saying goes; truth hurts.




“The doctor of the future will no longer treat the human frame with drugs, but rather will cure and prevent disease with nutrition.”        Thomas Edison

This is a super popular documentary and rightly so.  According to their website, Forks over Knives claim that most degenerative diseases can be controlled and/or reversed by eliminating animal-based and processed foods.  Whole foods, plant-based foods are the way to go and thrive.   Their documentary has caused such a positive impact on people’s lives it’s even spun off the following.

  • Cookbook
  • Magazine
  • Social media pages
  • Cooking courses
  • Meal plans
  • Parenting guide for kids


WOW! Good nutrition is their basis for healthy living.  You can easily join their mailing list for great advice, recipes, and more. https://www.forksoverknives.com/


This film is another “must watch” for everyone.  Turn on dairy and animal protein. Turn on cancer growth.  Turn off dairy and animal protein.  Turn OFF cancer growth. Plants are good.  Meat and dairy are bad. Plant-based advocates Dr. Campbell and Dr. Esselstyn have proven the relationship between the Western Diet and Cancer, Type 2 Diabetes, and Hypertension and walk you through the studies, with real life examples.  Not bad for two men from different regions of the US who both grew up as animal farmers.



Whether you’re vegan, vegetarian, or even a staunch meat eater, Food Inc. is another mind blower on the food industry.  This movie doesn’t touch on animal rights or animal abuse.  It touches on the very few powerful large corporations that control much of the meat and dairy industry.  Cheap subsidized corn, overcrowding of animals, medications including antibiotics, and the myths of cage free, free range, and all natural.

These documentaries will change your life.   We’ve been lied to by big corporations, animal agriculture, pharmaceutical companies, the government, and even our own doctors.

It’s time to take back our health, the wellbeing on our animal friends, and save our planet.

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