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So I had this great idea to start my own website and blog once I became hot and heavy into veganism in the last few years.  I couldn’t wait to change the world, one animal, one person, one planet at a time.


I wanted to relay tips, write great pieces on all aspects of being a vegan, post out of this world recipes, and all in all embrace the vegan lifestyle with others.   It’s been a huge passion of mine since delving into the understanding of veganism.


Every day, I grow deeper and deeper into the layers of how the world works, not just what I have been taught since birth. Seriously, hot dogs are NOT a quick healthy protein.  Milk doesn’t do a body good. Chicken isn’t any better for you just because it’s a white meat. You don’t need beef to get your iron and protein allowances. These “lies” are just a tip of the iceberg in vegan awakening. The truth is, the animals need us.  The human race needs us.  The planet needs us.  We need to stop all the cover ups, the heads in the sand, and the complete disregard for health, mental wealth, and wellbeing.

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What a great resource for recipes, blog posts, product reviews, and help for fellow vegans.  A little craziness, adventure, and spice is thrown in for comic relief.  Who doesn’t need a little rest from the throws of reality once in a while?

So, VBCC will remain.   Yes, I am an awesome cook and my vegan food and opinions are second to none.  I love to share new ideas, especially food.  Especially vegan food that rocks.  Especially vegan anything that not only rivals traditional animal products, but exceeds everyone’s expectations.


The recipes, blogs, product reviews, and tips will continue.   In addition to these great points, my daily life as a vegan, mother , wife, research laboratory mechanic in the largest vacuum chamber, acoustic chamber, and mechanical vibration table in the WORLD, pet owner, writer, aspiring author, and all around opinion loaded woman will also be encapsulated in the craziness we call life.  I hope you stay tuned for my adventurous life with special highlights, common setbacks, insane human and furry animal activity, and a complete understanding in the life of Monica.  I promise you, one thing I NEVER am is boring.


Pull up your computer chair(vegan leather of course), order out a pizza or pop up some popcorn, make a drink and sit back and enjoy this entertainment at your fingertips.

The good, the bad, and the ugly will all be showcased for your viewing pleasure.

We are vegan strong and want to display our lives with the ups, downs, and every scenario in between.


There are too many times to count that I have wanted to share my journey with you, but was concerned that my event, my story maybe wasn’t vegan enough.

It is now.

We, like you, are just ordinary people trying to show compassion, love, understanding, and create the least amount of harm to animals, humans, and the planet.  We struggle.  We read and reread.  We do our best to kindly educate others. We are ridiculed, berated, and joked about constantly.


I am here to put a stop to all the misinformation!

Stay tuned for all the fun, craziness, food, information, and everything vegan related.   You won’t be sorry.



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