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Vegan Christmas Tips and Product Reviews

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Great new vegan product reviews, a portabella mushroom super easy burger recipe that even the 14 year old carnivore is excited to try, and some fantastic time saving holiday tips when we are all out of time with Christmas just around the corner.

First up….some great new (at least for us) product reviews.

We always want to try new vegan products.  What vegan doesn’t?  Sometimes we are a little leery or they might cost a fortune. What do you do?

We are here to share and make your choices so much easier.  And when we find something new that we love, we must share the wealth.  Spreading vegan happiness is a must for us, food included.





For the first time, we tried the Beet and Flax Chips and the Jalapeno Chips.   Wow, super super good.  We dipped them in Garden Fresh Hummus.   This was a great vegan snack after a long Monday.  Their ingredients are few and simple.  They are much simpler and healthier than your ordinary chips.

There are multiple varieties and we can’t wait to try them. Following are just a few.

  • Jalapeno
  • Beet and Flax
  • Sweet Corn
  • Salsa Verde

Perfect with dips.  Great on their own.




Who doesn’t love garlic?   Kroger grocery stores carry a brand of garlic, Global Farms Premium Peeled Garlic, that is California grown, peeled, washed, and individually vacuumed sealed in multiple cloves packages.  Talk about making your job easier with no peeling; just open, chop, and use.  This product is fairly cheap too.   $2.49 for a 6 oz. package of 6 whole garlic bulbs ready to go in single cloves.






Simply Delicious Nestle Toll House semi-sweet morsels.  Three, yes only three ingredients. I am not sure what took these companies so long to come to this conclusion, but it’s about time and surely more will follow suit.   Free from most food allergens, these tasty morsels contain chocolate, cocoa butter, and pure cane sugar.  Yeah……no scary dairy.  At 53 % cacao, these chocolate delights are non GMO, certified vegan, a perfect for your next vegan chocolate chip recipe.   Because they are a national brand, they are easy to find and a cheaper alternative than health food stores or specialty vegan markets.   This helps our movement go mainstream just a little bit easier, a little bit more affordable for everyone.




You can boil these, microwave them, and even bake them.  Most are usually on sale for $1!  Some are ten or twenty cents more; still super cheap with lots of variety.   Kroger’s offers plain, sweet corn, green beans Brussels sprouts, and many more choices.   They also offer mixtures like Asian Blend, Mexican Blend, and Stir-Fry Starters.  Stock them in your freezer for quick healthy additions when you are out of time and out of motivation.  They really do pair with just about anything you’ve whipped up.




My god these are delicious.   We love these crisps.   They are cheap and out of this world.  We almost have to limit ourselves or say fu&% it and just enjoy scarfing down the entire bag.    They also have salted, black pepper, tomato basil, and some vegetarian flavors.   Hopefully, one day, they see the light and go completely vegan.




I’ve grouped these two awesome products together because they can be used together so many times.  I used them in my chili recipes, for breakfast, and stuff them in mushrooms to name just a few.  Whether you use them alone or together, you will not be disappointed.  Just the other day, I made vegan meatless balls (sounds so damn funny when you say that) and spaghetti using both products.  The recipe is on the website.

These products are at the heart of many newly veganized meals that were once loaded with meat, dairy, and eggs.  Lasagna, tacos, meat sauce, breakfast favorites, BLT’s, sloppy joes, stuffed shells, chili, and pizza are easily remade and better than ever. .  Nothing is off limits for great flavor.  You don’t need death and torture to make food taste good, I promise you.

I can’t tell you the number of times I have heard non-vegans say “EEEEWWWWWEEEEEE!” when I’ve told them I had vegan burgers, tofu, meat and dairy alternatives, etc.  Crazy how that goes.   We eat plants—–NOPE, it’s disgusting.   They eat death—-ABSOLUTELY the best thing ever since sliced bread!


The above are all super great vegan products.




Lately, we have been so obsessed with meat alternative burgers that I think we forgot about how amazingly tasty portabella mushroom burgers are. So, we revisited our easy burgers recipe and chowed down.



Portobello Mushrooms

Olive Oil



Black Pepper


This recipe is super easy.  Wash mushrooms.  Place on baking dish, plate, pan, or whatever you have.  Drizzle oil and vinegar on top of mushrooms with a 75/25 ratio.   Sprinkle with garlic, as much as you like.  Salt and pepper to your liking.  Let sit and rotate/flip every 15 minutes or so.  Putting into a bag and marinating overnight would probably be even better.

We love to fry them on our griddle, flipping once when browned.  We eat them just like meat burgers with onion (sometimes raw, sometimes grilled), lettuce, tomatoes, Gary, mayonnaise, ketchup, mustard, pickle, and whatever else you’d imagine.   These are low calorie, a good source of Vitamin D, low fat, and fantastic in taste and texture.  How can you go wrong? Enjoy!!!!!





Have plenty of Jack Daniels on hand for holiday guests.  You’ll never know when I will be stopping by.

Be prepared for Grandma Ann asking why you won’t eat her famous deviled eggs anymore. Just explain that you don’t do periods.

If Uncle Ed shows you his canines and says we were born to eat meat, ask him when was the last time he feverishly ripped open a live cow with his teeth.

When Cousin Susan says, “but where do you get your protein?” say, “Where do you get your cholesterol?”

When your brother in law asks why you eat such weird tofu shit, ask him why he eats corpses.

Don’t stress over the small stuff. Try to enjoy the season and just roll with it.

Don’t let the haters get to you.  Some even mean well, but don’t have a clue.  They just spew what they think they know.

If there aren’t vegan options, take plenty of vegan liquid ones.

Bring a smashing vegan dish to share to blow the non-vegan’s minds.


Don’t engage in a horrible situation.   If worse comes to worse, do your own thing and don’t throw yourself into an agonizing position where you are ridiculed constantly.

Enjoy your vegan lifestyle. Why?

  • Animals
  • Health
  • Compassion
  • Knowledge
  • Love
  • Happiness
  • Mental Wealth
  • Kindness
  • Understanding
  • Informative
  • Variety

Add a million more reasons to take the positive plunge into the vegan way.

Happy Holidays!  Merry Christmas! Happy New Year!  Happy Hanukah! Happy Kwanza!  Whatever you enjoy and believe, please take the time this holiday season to enjoy yourself, your family, and remember that you ARE making a difference in the lives of the animals and the world.





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