Happy New Year 2019!!!!!!!!!

What a great time to be vegan!

It’s January and we all want to get a bit healthier, lose some weight, take over our lifestyles, and make it work.


We’ve overindulged for the last few months with holiday party after holiday party.  Potlucks, work dos, cookie sharing, and food gifts have taken over our normal every day routines.


Our exercise schedules have become discombobulated. Working hours are all over the shop. Cooking, cleaning, and decorating, have intruded on our holiday lives.

Work, eat, drink, cook, eat, drink, sleep, repeat has been the latest motto for many of us.


Time to get back in the game.

If you’re already vegan………..FANTASTIC!

If you want to go vegan, but don’t know where to start, you are in the right place.

If you aren’t sure about veganism, but just want to check some of all this popularity out, we can help.

January is the perfect time to go vegan.

Websites, support groups, and meetups are everywhere that are hot and heavy into the vegan life.   You are not and will not be alone.

Some of the big ones are as follows.



These are only a few of the best of tons and tons of websites out there to help you on your vegan journey. Whether you are new to being a vegan, single, want guidance on vegan family life, are looking to hook up with other like-minded individuals, just want some new plant-based recipes,  shopping for cruelty free apparel, or seeking out cool blogs and informative fun websites loaded with everything vegan, these websites will more than meet your expectations.


Take a gander at a few of the awesome reads below and click on over to Vegan Bitch Can Cook’s blog posts.










Next up is all the amazing new vegan food offerings showing up in the grocery stores and restaurants alike.



The meat and dairy alternatives that are coming out to a store near you are simply amazing.  Let me tell you, these new and innovative products are in high demand.  This high demand has animal agriculture scared and rightly so. People are actually seeing the horrors of the animal meat and dairy industries all over the world.

  • Death
  • Cruelty
  • Heart Disease
  • Antibiotics
  • Cholesterol
  • Obesity
  • Torture
  • Inhumane
  • Cancers




So what can we do?  Go vegan!  Consumers are wanting more for less.  They want taste without all the crap!

Restaurants are ponying up to the wants and needs of not only vegan consumers, but to the general population that is curious enough to desire better alternatives to their current unhealthy lifestyle.


Eyes are opening, but people still want comfort foods, great taste, and what they know!


Check these awesome vegan companies out!



These are only a few of the many ground breaking and Earth shattering vegan companies and their kick ass products.


These are game changers and super helpful transitional foods for the hard core meat and dairy lovers.   We love all of them.


Grilling out burgers and sausages, holiday meals, seafood, cheese, and even deli sandwiches are possible with these delicious alternatives to animal meat and dairy.


There is nothing you have to give up. Your food options are endless.


It’s never been a better time to take the vegan plunge into compassion, health, happiness, love for your environment, and your overall mental and physical wellbeing.  Veganism covers all of those.



Try going vegan for a month, a week, or even just a few days.  Once you get started, you may never go back.




Strength in numbers is why most people never think outside the box.   It takes a strong heart and a stronger mind to move away from the masses and delve into veganism.   Its 180 degrees from everything most of us have been ingrained with all of our lives since birth.

nacho bake

Even if you only want to tip toe inside the vegan world or learn from the sidelines, this is it.


Your body will thank you.  The animals will thank you.  Mother Earth will thank you.  How could you lose?





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