Top 7 Vegan Meat and Dairy Substitutes


Are you one of the millions going vegan for the annual Veganuary campaign?  Maybe you’re just starting out and aren’t sure what to eat or what not to eat.

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Maybe, just maybe, you’ve tried one of the numerous vegan meat and/or dairy alternatives out there and almost choked on trying to spit it out so quickly!

Or maybe you’ve had a vegan burger, lasagna, or some fantastic Gary (vegan cheese for the newbies).  Meat and dairy eaters can get so uptight when we call it cheese when it doesn’t come from a lactating cow.

It’s possible you’ve been a vegan for a very long time and just are unsure about all the latest and greatest vegan products flooding(FLOODING, doesn’t that sound awesome?!) the market.   Not only are vegan foods entering your grocery stores at a record pace, but restaurants are introducing more and more vegan options for their demanding consumers.


With all the new vegan offerings and certainly more on the way, now has never been a better time to go vegan.   You simply won’t miss out on taste!

So what exactly are the BEST of the BEST meat and dairy alternatives?

Don’t fear!  I am here to make it simple.




Holy Hell Batman!   These fuckers more than rock!  Captain UK and I cannot believe how tasty they are.  They are perfect fried up on the stove or sizzled on the grill.  They look and taste like regular ground beef patties, German bratwurst, and pork sausages.   They cook, smell, and taste similar.  They are uncannily good.


Believe it or not, they are sold in the meat section of the grocery store.

How is that?  Isn’t that the dead corpse’s aisle? Don’t we, as vegans, avoid that grocer’s section like the plague? What’s the beef?

Beyond Meat wants the animal dead meat aisle to eventually become the protein aisle. Talk about inspiring goals.


According to Founder and CEO, Ethan Brown, their mission is to create the Future of Protein by making delicious plant-based burgers, sausages, crumbles, strips, and more directly from plants. This positively and significantly impacts four main growing issues attributed to livestock production and consumption.

  • Human Health
  • Climate Change
  • Natural Resource Depletion
  • Animal Welfare





I used to be a major dairy butter supporter.  Margarine was NEVER in my house.  Butter was the only way to go to spread on toast in the morning, scooped onto baked potatoes, poured over popcorn, and made the very best buttercream frosting.

Then I went vegan.  What the hell was I going to do without my dairy butter?

We tried tons of vegan butter alternatives after tons of vegan alternatives. NOTHING came close and I mean nothing.   This article isn’t here to bash anyone, especially a vegan offering.   That being said, most vegan butter alternatives we tried had a weird and/or chemical taste to them.  I could try and doctor them up, but they really were all pretty much shit in our opinion.  We were so disappointed.


Then came along MIYOKOS!!!   OMG!  Where did this goddess of butter come from?  This must be a mistake.  How can this delicious vegan butter product not only taste like Heaven, but act and react like dairy butter?

It melts, spreads, bakes, whips up into the best buttercream frosting ever, and tastes delicious.

Melt some up and pour it over popcorn.  Add a little nutritional yeast and you have a taste party going on.


I’ve used this versatile vegan butter in my Thanksgiving stuffing, in all my baking, and any other recipes that I would have used dairy butter years ago.  I cannot get over how great, fantastic, better than good, this vegan butter product is.   I think I would die without it.  Are you catching my drift on what a game changer this is?  Her vegan cheese products are just as unbelievable.   This wonderful woman knows what the hell she is doing.

Yes, her products are on the expensive side, but as her following grows, hopefully the prices go down for all to afford.   She rocks.   Her products rock even harder.  Every penny spent on her fantastic products are more than worth the dough. My dream job would be to work in her online kitchen.

portrait of cow standing in pasture

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This chicken meat alternative is better than good.  I never realized they were seitan based for the first two years I was vegan.  Live and learn, right? Hell, who even knew what seitan was? Isn’t  that evil? LOL    That’s what I am here for now, to show you not only what is what, but what the BEST VEGAN PRODUCTS OUT THERE ARE!



I make such a mean chik’n salad with these tasty strips that the hardcore meat eaters can’t tell the difference compared to real chicken meat.  So why the Hell are we still eating chicken if we can produce the same taste without killing anyone?  Totally blows my mind!  Is it manly?  Is it just the way we’ve always done things?  Or just plain stupid?


Throw these awesome strips in a stir fry, bake, or chop up for fresh chik’n salads, stews, soups, and more.

Tofurky has a variety of great products.  We love to use their roasts for holiday meals and regular everyday dinners alike.


Their lunch meat, sausages, dogs, and burgers are delicious products. Tofurky believes in people, animals and the environment over profits.  What a great company!





There are vegan cheeses and then there are vegan cheeses.  Some aren’t so good.  Some are very good.  Some are awesome.   Trader Joe’s Vegan Mozzarella Shreds are in the awesome category.  They melt, stretch, and even brown when baked. No soy; made with pea protein.   I use these vegan cheese shreds for all my cheesy recipes. My famous (at least in my head) lasagna is raved about when I use this fantastic vegan cheese.  Non-vegans and vegans alike can’t believe its not real cheese.


If you want a lasagna that impresses everyone, present them with this recipe. You won’t be disappointed.

As a side note, even though Trader Joe’s isn’t considered a vegan store, by far, they have many wonderful vegan options.  If you haven’t yet, check them out.


Their Green Tiger Sauce, nutritional yeast, canned vegetables(Captain UK loves the canned  giant beans in tomato sauce), pastas, chips, breads, and so many other offerings makes for easy shopping for vegans.


Their vegan soy chorizo rocks this planet.  It’s spicy.  It’s meaty.  It’s out of this world.   Don’t forget to

cut off the plastic wrapping.   I use this for a breakfast meat, in my Mexican dishes, and any recipe I

want spicy.   All of my friends know to pick us up a package of this vegan sausage when they visit Trader

Joe’s, along with the vegan mozzarella shreds.  We can never have enough on hand.  I just wish their

store was located closer to where we live.


Again, if we can have great taste without killing any animal, why would we do it any other way? Great taste does not have to include death.





Gardein has so many vegan frozen food items that are fantastic.  Their meatless burgers, including the Ultimate Burger and the Black

Bean Burger are spot on.  They both satisfy beyond belief.  Their other vegan products are not only delicious, but varied beyond the norm.



  • Sliders
  • Pockets
  • Bowls
  • Fishless
  • Skillet Meals
  • Tenders



Gardein is one stand out brand; a must have in the vegan food world.  Their vegan products never disappoint.  You will find yourself stocking up quite often. Just throw them in your freezer when the price is right.

They are insanely passionate about helping the world eat less meat.  We know we can’t go wrong when trying a new Gardein frozen vegan food.






Captain Uk and I write on the side for vegan articles, blogs, magazines, etc.   In doing some research last week on the Impossible Burger, I just happened to stumble across the locations of this tasty burger.  To our surprise, a  local pub near us was carrying the burger.  This popular pub does a profitable business as an animal meat and dairy food provider.  Burgers, wings, and pizza, along with all the other normal pub fare are offered.  Up to this point, alcohol, hummus, fries, and some salad were the only options for vegans.   We met some friends out for Saturday lunch and were blown away by the Impossible Burger.


We both ordered the Impossible Burger with lettuce, tomato, onion and grilled mushrooms.  They didn’t offer vegan mayonnaise or vegan Gary (cheese) yet, but they were really not needed.  These burgers are that good.


When they delivered our burgers, they looked just like ground beef burgers.

They tasted phenomenal.   We could not get over their taste.  We thought that maybe they had served us actually animal meat.


These are so far out there super good, we can’t wait to return and order again.  Plant-based is the only way to be.  These burgers make it easy, too easy.  We have been dying to try these.  Finally, we have a location somewhere close to make it happen.  We can’t stress enough how close these are to tasting like your ground beef burger.  It may be too much for some, just perfect as what’s needed for others.  I don’t know how they do this, but they do and they do it well.   If you’re out to eat and this burger is available, jump at it.






Since becoming vegan, I desperately missed mayonnaise.   What was I supposed to do when it came to my potato salad, coleslaw, burger toppings, and dip mix ins?

For the most part, I just decided to do without.  I tried every vegan brand of mayonnaise I could find, here in the USA and across the pond in England. There was nothing that even came close to Hellman’s mayonnaise or any other “normal” egg filled mayonnaise that I had used most of my 45 years of life.  Then I read about Just Mayo, a vegan mayonnaise that supposedly tasted just like the real thing.  I found Just Mayo at a reasonable price at my local super store.  It did not fail.  In fact, it blew me away.  It tasted just like mayo that I remember and the price was as cheap as the regular stuff.  I was thrilled! It is the only mayonnaise we buy.  I use this wonderful product on my burgers, in dips, mixed into my potato salad, and anywhere else that calls for mayonnaise.



This product is universal.  The omnivore children, along with everyone else can’t tell the difference between this mayo and egg mayo.   Unlike many vegan mayonnaise’s, Just Mayo is priced right.  I go into a panic if I don’t see Just Mayo on the shelves when grocery shopping.


This company is growing by the day.  Some of their products include the following which I hear are great, but I haven’t had the pleasure of trying YET!

  • Just Egg
  • Power Gari
  • Cookie Dough
  • Dressing
  • Meat



This top 7 list is young and growing, every second of every day, just like veganism.  Soon, this will be the top 100 vegan products of all time.  It’s more than exciting to be a vegan at this time in history.   At some point, I hope that the fact we ate animals will be an atrocious thought of what we used to do.



If you’re vegan, embrace these products.  If you’re not vegan, embrace these products.  These are tasty superstars in our food world.   Better for you, better for the environment, better for the animals.   You can’t go wrong.

Stay tuned for greater banging vegan products everyday coming to a store near you.


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