Today is the start of Blizzard 2019! Not really, but Captain UK had the brilliant idea for us to walk up to our local Drug Mart this morning to get wine before this snow storm hit.  This particular store is a little over a mile walk from our home.


We bundled up in heavy coats, gloves, hats, scarves, and boots in anticipation of the blowing snow and harsh winds.

We headed out tromping through the snow.  It was colder than we thought.  It was windier than we thought.  The snow was just starting so that part of our adventure wasn’t too harsh yet.  We were both happy to reach our destination and had to buy a box of tissues first stop.  We were welcoming of the warmth.  My glasses had completely fogged over by this time.

winter us.jpg

We picked up our tissues, wine, and some mouth wash believe it or not, and headed back out into the chilly elements.  Lucky for us, the wind was now at our backs.  We trudged home laughing and shivering.  It really was a great walk, but we were super happy to be home and remove our layers upon layers of “trying to stay warm” clothes.  Our outer wear was soaked.  We stripped down to our dry clothes and opened the Chardonnay.

We each grabbed a glass of wine, and warmed up a bit before restarting our day.

  • Glad we walked
  • Had a blast
  • Burned a million calories
  • Enjoyed the outdoors

But, but, but…………………………

winter me



I am thrilled to shower, start a fire in the fireplace, eat, drink, be merry, and hunker down until it’s all over with Captain UK!

Watch us on our vegan walking adventure.  We are definitely going to be cooking up some vegan comfort food today so keep checking us out.  I’m thinking vegan hot dogs, sloppy joes, or both.

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