Who Doesn’t Love a Great Burger?



Not just any burger, but a vegan Beyond Meat Burger is found right next to animal beef burgers in the corpse (meat) aisle.

Why would they do that?  Isn’t that a place all vegans want to avoid? According to Beyond Meat, their future vision is that the meat section will become the protein section.  Pretty cool, eh?

That depends on your feelings of veganism. For some vegans, Beyond Meat’s juicy, “bloody” (beet juice) burger, and sold right next to the real thing is simply not OK!  For others, it’s a welcome addition.

Beyond Meat burgers started out at one Whole Foods store in Colorado in 2016!  In a very short period of time, their burgers exploded in sales.   They are now being distributed on six continents and in over fifty countries including Mexico, South Africa, Australia, and the United Kingdom in addition to the United States.  They’ve even paired up with A & W restaurants in Canada in 925 locations and Carl’s Jr.  Demand is so high in the restaurants and in the grocery stores that Beyond Meat is having difficulty keeping up with demand.

Carl’s Jr even rolled out the Super Bowl’s first plant-based commercial. Progress!


The Impossible Burger is another vegan burger taking the world by storm.  Their plant-based vegan meat alternative burger has the same flavor and texture as a fresh beef burger.  Restaurant focused, the Impossible Burger is not available for retail yet, but stay tuned as they hope to grow into that market soon. Famous chefs are now serving these delights in their high end restaurants and even White Castle has a slider version.  Captain UK and I tried one a few weeks ago. Wow! We were positively blown away!  Who would have ever thought?



Next up is McDonald’s recent introduction of their McVegan burger in their Finland restaurants.  The demand was so high during their successful two month trial period that they’ve permanently added them to the menu and rolled them out in Sweden in December of last year.  Is this a great choice for people?  Companies know there is money to be made off the growing vegan movement.


Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

You have vegans and non-vegans praising these controversial vegan options.  You also have vegans and non-vegans refusing to indulge!  Issues with companies, placement, and even taste has the world talking.  What are your views?

Be prepared!  This is just the beginning as more and more vegan meat alternatives are hitting to grocery stores and restaurants near you.




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