Walk into any grocery store or restaurant and BAM…….the latest vegan products are flying off the shelves.   New vegan food choices are available on almost a daily basis.

The growing number of vegan consumers are getting exactly what they want; tons and tons of new delicious vegan products rolling off the production lines and stocked in stores near you.

So what’s on our latest find of great vegan food products to support and indulge in?



Wow, these “Cheetos like” snacks are amazing.  Definitely don’t buy these if you are on a diet.   You won’t be able to stop yourself from consuming the entire bag.  So far, we have found two different flavors of the four that they offer and love both of them.  We bought two bags on Friday after work and yes, they are both empty!  Not proud but keeping it real. The omnivore boys love them too which is an added plus.  We love to show them that there are vegan food alternatives for everything they think they can’t live without.

Bohemian Barbeque- YES!


Pepper Power-Will try as soon as we find!

White Cheddar-Will try as soon as we find!


How can you go wrong with any of those flavors? Hippeas believe that “taste good” and “do good” go hand in hand.  They work with Feeding America to donate to local food banks across the country, along with aiding in disaster relief.   What a great product and a super company!


These vegan snack delights are gluten free, dairy free, soy free, non GMO, USDA Certified Organic, Vegan (of course), and nut free.  Bang, bang, bang……Perfect!

They have no artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives.   3 grams of fiber and 4 grams of protein in every 1 ounce serving.   These are bad ass all the way around!



How many times do we hear the cry “but BACON” from some carnivore when debating the vegan lifestyle?  Well, we have tried many different vegan bacon options.  Lightlife has a really good vegan bacon.

I cooked the bacon on my griddle top and added a dash or two of pure maple syrup.  We serve it with pancakes and love to make our own BLT sandwiches.  This brand of vegan bacon always seems to turn out perfectly crispy.

No death nor cruelty is involved.

This almost 40 year company has a range of great tasting vegan plant-based foods!

  • Hot dogs
  • Sausage
  • Bacon
  • Sliced Lunch Meat
  • Crumbles

If you haven’t tried some or any of their products, you really should.





We love the Earth Grown vegan products at Aldi’s and our recent find was delicious.  Earth Grown Sriracha tofu was perfect right out of the package. We didn’t have to dry it, season it, or cook it.  I sliced the tofu into small chunks served it in our Buddha bowls.  I couldn’t keep my hungry 14 year old away from stealing pieces as I was preparing dinner.  They also have plan tofu but we haven’t tried that variety yet!



We use these meatballs in subs, on pizza, and load them up with sauce and vegan cheese for a quick meal.  Only minutes to bake in the oven, everyone in the house loves these even the omnivores.  Why eat animal products when you have such great tasting plant-based alternatives?




These shreds melt beautifully.  I am always stocking up on packages of this vegan cheese.  We throw these on the meatballs, pizza, sandwiches, veggie burgers, and all places you would love some gooey cheese.


Earth Grown products are reasonably priced and are usually a dollar or two less than the name brand meat and dairy alternatives you find in the big box grocery stores.  All their products are a welcome addition to the Aldi’s locations.  We’ve become avid shoppers there now because of their variety of vegan options.



Kroger brand frozen veggies are cheap, usually only $1 or $2.  The variety is large and you can pick everything from onions, Brussels sprouts, and corn, to mixed veggies, stir fry blends, and meal ready mixtures.  Easy, cheap, and always on hand in your freezer can make a healthy dinner much quicker after a busy day.   We throw them in soups, stews, or just heat up as side dishes.




Think dark chocolate with a creamy caramel center.

  • Gluten free
  • Non GMO
  • Organic
  • Vegan

I found these at Kroger in the clearance section for $1.  Hopefully they will be around awhile.  Captain UK and I ate them up in two days.


Hope you find and enjoy these great tasting vegan products.  I’m sure there will be more to come soon.  As vegans, our food options are growing daily. The more we support these products by our purchasing power, the cheaper they will become and new plant based products will continue to hit the shelves. A win for the animals, our health, and the environment.


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