So I haven’t wrote anything for a while.  I have just seemed to be too busy.  I haven’t cooked as much as I normally love to do either. No new fantastic vegan recipes to blow your mind.  No trying of new vegan ingredients to wow your palate.  Little vegan restaurant activity to get you out there exploring.   Why? Story of our lives right?  Well, we can never be too busy to showcase our vegan side—activism, promotion, answering questions from curious minds, banging out great vegan delights for everyone (meat and dairy eaters also), and just enjoying this amazing lifestyle we have chosen, knowing we are kicking ass for the animals, fellow friends, and Mother Nature.  What don’t we have to be thankful for and why or why don’t we seem to have the time to spread the word?


Sometimes, as vegans, we become too complacent.  It’s not that we don’t want to truly demonstrate to everyone how great and easy becoming and thriving in veganism can be, it’s just that everyday life seems to get in the way.

Kids, school, work, pets, gardening, traffic, bills, etc. are always there to throw us off our game.  Sure, we are still vegan, but spreading our lifestyle out there to share with others sometimes goes on the back burner and we just want to get through the day of life.


This is just a simple reminder to breath.  This isn’t a corny advertisement to get a comfortable  chair, stretch your neck and arms, and breath in slowly listening to a silly app that encourages you with a soft voice to “let it all go” in 10 minutes on your phone and then your whole world will be better.


This is just a wakeup call to remind us all that the world needs us.  They need us in a good way.  This is also an “in your face” HELLO to live your life as kindly and compassionately as you can and the world deserves.   Enjoy your freedom from eating death and violence.

Animal Hero

Indulge yourself in plants, fruits, nuts, seeds, and even the latest and greatest meat, dairy, and egg alternatives for vegans flooding our grocery stores. New products are hitting the shelves on a daily basis.    Yea us!!!  It couldn’t be a better time to go vegan.


Pass the word to your friends, the neighbors, and even your coworkers.

Get people (vegan and non-vegan alike) to eat, drink, and be merry the compassionate, non-cruelty way that makes the world a better place.

Even when the going gets tough, remember that the tough (you, me, and us) get going.

Try a new vegan recipe to share.  Give up meat for a day!  Head to an animal rights vigil.  Adopt a rescue animal. Visit and donate to a farm sanctuary.   Pass on the dairy ice cream and try some vegan ones.  Do a little research on veganism.


Every bit helps and you just might surprise yourself in how far you may reach others.

I’m headed back to the drawing board on how I can positively engage again and hopefully make a difference in the vegan world and help others, whether through my blog, facts, tips, advice, recipes, and even entertainment.


Don’t be too hard on yourself.  If you’ve taken the vegan leap, you’re way ahead of the game.   If you haven’t, I hope you check it out and at least do a little investigation of your own on the positive benefits of adapting a vegan lifestyle.

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