I like to make these blog posts short, because nobody, and I mean NOBODY wants to read the stupid bullshit behind the recipe for three pages before actually seeing the recipe. 

Anyways, this is super tasty vegan sour cream.  The commercial stuff you can buy, just tastes like chemicals to me. 

After many experiments, I had this awesome recipe and then my local grocery store discontinued a key ingredient—S.O. Delicious plain non-dairy yogurt. This, along with Just Mayo were the two staples in creating the very best sour cream, potato salad, and dips for chips and veggies.

Once I couldn’t find either in the local stores, I had to change up my game and come up with a new recipe with new ingredients. 


I did, and they were pretty good, but nothing compared to this vegan sour cream recipe.  

After over a year passed and all of a sudden, Meijer started carrying (again) my favorite S.O. Delicious plain yogurt.   I am back in business and here is your new and improved recipe for vegan sour cream. 

Please don’t tell anyone that I had lost the recipe and luckily a coworker had printed it off long ago, so I could make a copy!   LOL   No wonder I am not making any money on my website. 

You CANNOT go wrong on this simple, quick, and tasty vegan sour cream.  The carnivores, omnivores, and anyone in between will never be able to notice the difference from “real” sour cream. 


1 5.3 oz. Container S.O. Delicious non-dairy unsweetened plain yogurt

¼ c Just Mayo

1 T Dried Chives

½ t Garlic Salt

Black pepper and salt (if needed) to taste

Whisk all ingredients together.  S.O. Delicious and Just are the products recommended.  I’ve tried others and they fail miserably.  If you don’t use those, you’re fucking nuts!!!

People will NEVER be able to tell that this recipe is not dairy sour cream.  We use it all the time.   We’ve tried many store bought versions and they’ve all had a chemical weird aftertaste. 

You will love this easy recipe.

If you have any of your own sour cream recipes or advice, and/or tweaks, please feel free to post them so we can all enjoy the best of the best. 

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