Ok, ok, so today it’s a Monday on a Tuesday (for those of you who had a paid holiday yesterday for Labor Day). Again, IT’S MONDAY!  We all know how Monday’s can feel.

Like where the Hell did the weekend go?


Most of us just want to make it through the work day, get home, and enjoy a comforting meal with the family, or significant other, or even alone.

We have come to the conclusion that it just doesn’t pay mentally or physically to come home on a Monday afternoon or evening and cook up a storm, unless you really feel like it of course!

So, in our usual Monday style, I thought about what I could whip together tonight without stopping and picking anything up at the store.  I didn’t want to follow a recipe or meal prep for hours just to be able to sit down and enjoy dinner with Captain UK.


I made a simple, easy meal that only took minutes to make.  It’s all about using what you have on hand.  If it’s not just perfect, fuck it, make do with what you have and close out your Monday (or any day really).  You might just be surprised at what you can create in the kitchen.

Tonight we had sloppy joes.  I had Lightlife crumbles in the fridge.  I sautéed them up with one diced onion. I added a can of sloppy joe sauce (Manwich Bold), some leftover marinara sauce from the garden tomatoes I made the other night, and served open faced on hot dog buns, yes plain old hot dog buns. We melted a bit of vegan cheese on top.   Pickles, more fresh tomatoes, and potato chips rounded out the meal. Not the most nutritious or most original meal, but damn good.

This was beyond simple and the entire family loved the meal so much, there are no leftovers for lunch tomorrow.


A Monday night (on a Tuesday) not only hit the spot……..not only did it work, but it rocked……super comfort meal!

Yea!  We all survived the day.

Who would have thought that vegan sloppy joes with a canned mix on hot dog buns was the new gourmet Monday meal?



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