Creatures of Habit

Lately I haven’t been sleeping well.  Too much going on, working a lot of hours while  trying to grow my side business, worried about kids, debt, life, just all the usual suspects.

As I tried to shut my brain down and actually fall asleep last night, I noticed I reverted back to a childhood habit.  As I cuddled up to my sweet husband who was also trying to shut his genius brain down for the night, I began rubbing my feet together.  Not particularly a big deal, it’s something I am aware of that I do when I am having a hard time falling asleep no matter how tired I am.

Trying to calm myself as I fell asleep, made me think of my childhood.

 It’s where this particular habit began.   My parents argued aggressively on a regular basis.  Our household was rarely a place of peace, happiness, or feeling safe. As I listened to ugly words and actions on many nights, as a child, I tried to soothe myself to sleep to make the fighting go away.  We all have our habits; some good and some maybe not so well.   Hopefully we learn to compensate, overcome, and move on.  Other times, we fall into habits because it’s just easier; the mentality that it’s always been done that way. 

We do what we know.

As a kid, my parents had no clue what they were doing.  In defense of them, they certainly weren’t ever shown the skills to be parents themselves and it was just easier for them to do what they knew.  Once again, creatures of habit. 

Since my parents were young and inexperienced, we didn’t get a whole host of food choices growing up.  Staples such as bologna, eggs, lunch meat, cheap white bread, milk, hamburgers and hotdogs dominated our “meal plans”.  TV dinners were all the rage and our household was no exception.  Yes, we did eat fruits and vegetables, but those were mostly from canned or frozen packages.

If we were fortunate enough on that rare occasion to go out to eat at a restaurant, we ordered steak, fancy chicken dishes, or seafood.  It’s what our parents ordered and we didn’t get these exotic choices at home, so that was the proper thing to do. Ethnic choices were frowned upon or nonexistent.   Naturally my brothers and I started associating these particular animal products with prestige, class, and normalcy for people that could afford to eat like this.

Little did we know at the time that whether we ate the low end cheapest version of animal products or the high end expensive ones, that the results would all be the same.

Animals would still be slaughtered.  Fat, cholesterol, disease, and death would still occur. These “foods” were not good for our bodies.   We were kids.  What did we know other than what our parents subconsciously taught us? Most of our friends and their parents ate the same way.  This must be OK!

We are creatures of habit; some good and some not so good.

Children seem to fall into the trap of “if it’s good enough for my parents; it’s good enough for me.”

Sadly, that usually means,” if my parents die by their actions, so will I die by those same actions.”

As we grow up into our own selves, we start to see the world more from our own eyes than through our parent’s eyes.  Old habits and familiarity die hard!

Styles of living, food choices, parenting styles remain fairly stagnant, 


Whether you are vegan or not, thinking about taking the leap to veganism, or maybe you are just here for some great insight, please remember……….. Everything you read that’s sounds convincing, doesn’t make it indisputable.  Everything you’ve learned growing up doesn’t make it right. Just because a large amount of people buy into the bullshit, doesn’t make it fact!

We are all born into more drama than we want and lots of peer pressure. 

Go outside the box.  Do some research!  Feel free to break out of the chains of habits!

 We are creatures of habit; some good ones and some not so good ones.  The time is now for change!

Go Vegan!!

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