Today I brought in all the food for a great vegan lunch for our safety committee members. I had volunteered last month to showcase how awesome being a vegan is.  Here is the menu of what I cooked up and toted in to share. 


Garden Fresh Chili

Pasta Salad

Homegrown Pickles


Chocolate Chip Cookies

The non-vegans (the rest of the safety committee) were so worried that they wouldn’t have anything to eat, that some of them brought in food (meat and dairy) to share in case anyone was still hungry.  LOFL. 

Surprisingly, most of these people were just clueless. 

One of my coworkers and fellow safety gurus brought in a homemade hummus topped with fresh basil out of his garden to share.  Yes, basil with hummus.  It worked amazingly well. He was the stand out in the field of meat and dairy offerings. 

Someone else brought some store bought hummus and fruit to share, and also a meat and cheese plate. 

Lots and lots of shredded cheese was provided for the chili.  Chips were there and most of them were vegan which was just a natural coincidence. 

The coworker who volunteered his own cornbread (because having a vegan version might not be good enough) commented when I walked in that he made it without animals and totally vegan. The only ingredients in it were corn flour, eggs, and milk so it should be good to go.  Uh….not quite, but thanks anyways.

Everyone was blown away by the awesome flavors in my vegan chili.   No one could believe it was vegan and I mean no own.

Every person raved about how tasty the vegan chili was.  Almost everyone had a second bowl and one guy took some home for his wife.  Another guy asked for my pasta salad recipe.

A vegan discussion occurred!

I got the usual questions.  “How did you make your chocolate chip cookies taste so good without butter and eggs?”

“What is cheese doing in your pasta salad if you’re a vegan?”

“What is the beef textured stuff in the chili?”

It was all good and I positively explained all of my answers.  These men and women may not be vegan now or even in the future, but I have them thinking and rethinking the importance of all lives.   We are moving forward!

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