Tonight I made chili for Captain UK, Grant, and the homies at work for tomorrow.  My vegan chili rocks.  All the omnivores have no clue its vegan, can’t believe its vegan, and love, love, and LOVE the taste.


The guys asked me to please make sure it’s spicy for our shindig tomorrow.  NO problem as we love spice.   The spicier, the better is both Captain UK’s and my motto. 

So tonight I made one Hell of a hot spicy chili.  

It’s loaded with your usual crumbles, beans, spices, onions, tomatoes, and garlic.  

It’s also jam packed with habaneros, jalapenos, cayenne, and crushed red pepper flakes. 

If these bitches bitch about the spice, I will call them crybabies til the end of time.   

Image result for habaneros

This chili is so good.  It will warm your ass up on a cold day and probably again later. 

You can use any version of chili I have posted.  Just make it your own by adding the peppers and spices you want. 

I wanted to make this one as hot as ever.  

I know I have a few different recipes up on the web because we are always trying something a bit new.

This one has to be my spiciest yet. 

Ok, so how does this all relate to hot pepper etiquette?

I was busy in my cooking zone earlier chopping, throwing in, and stirring this awesome chili.  I hadn’t had time to taste test, but I knew I would later.

I wanted to grab a quick shower now that Monday was just about done and dusted, so I turned the chili off and jumped into the shower. 

As my usual fashion, I wanted in and quickly out. 

Image result for SHOWER COLD

I hopped in, let the water fall over my hair and body and went to quickly scrub away the day.  I move fast. 

Within seconds, I realized what was happening.

My eyes started to tingle. My private parts did too. 



I don’t care how many times you’ve washed your hands after dealing with hot, very hot peppers, never ever take it for granted that the pepper oils have left your hands.

I’m a vegan for fucks sake, a hell of a cook, and pretty confidant around a kitchen.  What was I thinking (or forgetting)?

Hot peppers are just that, hot peppers.  They can be deadly in the wrong setting.  Why wasn’t I paying more attention? 

It’s like reading labels.  Sometimes you let your guard down.  Sometimes it’s no big deal.  Other times is like a major food crisis.  


Stay vigilant.  Cook what you want, what you desire, but beware. 

Your eyes and private parts are counting on you.

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