I am the only vegan at my job.  I work with mostly (but not exclusively) men. 

I get all of the usual questions!

  • Where do you get your protein?
  • You still eat fish, yes?
  • How do you live without cheese?
  • What’s wrong with honey?

And then the typical phrase inevitably arises…. “Vegans are so weird!”

I have been a vegan now for almost five years.  It is one of the best decisions I have ever made for the animals, my health, and our planet.

I made this important decision for the animals, not even realizing how positively it would affect my health and our planet. 

I promote this lifestyle at every opportunity. 

Sometimes I do it by serving my delicious food to friends and coworkers, just trying to show the world that they don’t have to miss out on taste just because they have decided to give up meat, dairy, and eggs.

Other times, I engage in animal cruelty discussions with people who just might not comprehend the whole process.   

And still other times I go from both ends of the spectrum by either sharing vegan recipes or showing video evidence of the horrors of animal agriculture.

I have never been one to shy away from what I feel strongly about. 

I think my friends and coworkers, even if they believe I am crazy, respect my differences from them which leads us up to this blog post. If they don’t respect my lifestyle, screw them.   We all know vegan is the future. Ryan, you can thank me later!

So why exactly am I addressing a man named Ryan?  

Ryan, an apprentice where I am employed, is enrolled in school taking college classes in addition to his work hours.  

He is currently attending a class called First Year Seminar and has a paper due on diversity.  He needed to write about people/cultures that may be different from what he may think of in his own life.  His assignment was to interview someone with views dissimilar from his own related to a whole host of possibilities like the following.

  • Religion
  • Immigration
  • Ethnic Groups
  • Sexual Orientation
  • Race
  • Gender

All sorts of variants are possible.

Well, as much as I can bump heads with the fellas at work, something I have said or done just going about in my every day vegan life, even if small, must have struck a chord. 

Ryan came to me with a set of questions wanting to know who, what, where, when, and why I became vegan, with a load of more great questions included. 

I was impressed at his thoroughness.

All animals deserve to live!



Why did you become a vegan?

I became vegan for the animals.  After meeting a vegan (my future husband), I started researching the lifestyle.  I respected this man I met for his intelligence so as much as I was a meat, dairy, and egg eating omnivore, I just knew there was something important behind his veganism.  I wanted to learn and understand.


Two Vegans

The more questions of mine he answered, the more I looked into the facts, and the more I couldn’t believe I hadn’t become a vegan sooner. 

Animal agriculture was as ugly as they come.  I watched a few documentaries and yikes, it was depressing.

Earthlings stood out as the nobrainer for animal welfare and rights.  My heart was broken watching this film.  How had I stood idle for so long?

Giving up eating animals became easy. 


When and how long have you been a vegan?

After “seeing the light”, I became a vegetarian in January of 2015 and a vegan less than a month later.  I have now been a vegan for almost five years.  I love my lifestyle and just wish I would have opened my eyes sooner.


Did anyone play a role on your switch over?

Meeting my now husband played a huge roll in my switch over to becoming a vegan.  I used to make fun of vegans, clearly never understanding their lifestyle, until my compassionate husband showed me the way.  He wasn’t judgmental, just answered my questions when I asked them.  He inspired me to find my own path and make my own decisions.


What foods do you eat to get your nutrition?

I think the better question is……… “What don’t you eat since a vegan diet is so nutritionally dense and the variety is endless?”

So many non-vegans seem to think vegans only eat salad, or better yet, grass.   That can’t be further from the truth. 

Tortilla soup

I eat about anything just as long as it’s not animals or their secretions.  Yes, I eat salad, but I eat so much more!

Any and all fruit, vegetables, beans, rice, pasta, nuts, seeds, and breads are common staples. I also eat pizza, cheese burgers, sausage, chili, lunch meat, wings, milk, and many other popular foods, just with a vegan twist.  Now has never been a better time to take the vegan leap as companies are jumping on the bandwagon and new vegan food products are coming out on a daily basis.

Cheese Burgers

I do take a multi-vitamin and a vitamin D supplement every day, but I did the same when I was a meat, dairy, and egg consumer.

What I don’t eat is cholesterol, antibiotics, steroids, and dead animals.


Being vegan, do food prices cost more?

There seems to be a common myth that a vegan lifestyle costs so much more than a diet riddled with meat and cheese.  

I assure you that rice, pasta, fruits, and vegetables are much cheaper than steak, bacon, and racks of ribs.

Chili Starter

Yes, vegan meat and dairy alternatives can be expensive compared to making your own veggie burger at home, but eating a whole foods, plant-based diet is easy on the wallet.


What was and is your biggest challenge on the switchover?

Two main challenges faced me when I decided to become a vegan.

One of my biggest challenges was learning to deal with people trying to put their loopholes into my new lifestyle by actually being offended by the fact that I didn’t eat animals or their secretions anymore.

Image result for vegan bacon meme


“I made your favorite roast beef? Why won’t you eat this? Can’t you just have a little piece?”

“Trying to satisfy you vegans is so difficult! “

“What’s wrong with a rodeo?  That’s great family fun!”


The other challenge I faced was learning how to cook all over again.   I have always considered myself an excellent cook and was very good at throwing a little of this and a little of that together to make a delicious meal. 

The problem was that usually included meat and dairy.   I knew I could do this and just did a lot of research and experimenting.  Sometimes the dish turned out great.  Other times, not so much.  I lived and learned and can proudly say, I have never been a better cook than I am now that I am a vegan.


Did you like meat and dairy prior to being a vegan?

I grew up eating meat, dairy, and eggs.  It was what I had always known for almost 45 years. 

  • Milk does a body good
  • Meat = Protein
  • The incredible edible egg

I was never a fan of dairy milk, except in recipes, so eliminating it was easy, especially when there is such a wide range of plant-based milks to take dairy’s place. 

I did eat meat, but like most connoisseurs, it was always heavily processed, seasoned, and cooked.  Cutting meat out of my diet was also fairly simple. 

Eggs were another product that I didn’t use much except in recipes.  Saying goodbye was effortless. 

Seafood like fish, clams, and shrimp were never an issue either as I couldn’t stand the texture or seaweed taste or only ate them, once again, heavily seasoned and dripping in butter or cocktail sauce. 

What was difficult to give up was cheese.  I loved just about every flavor of dairy cheese out there and would have considered myself a cheese head before going vegan.  Cheddar, blue, Swiss, and every cheese in between was my addiction.   What recipe wasn’t made ten times better with a little cheese added?

But I knew I didn’t need cheese to survive and also knew that many baby cows were denied milk from their mothers because of people like me that thought they couldn’t live without cheese (or other dairy products). 

Image result for vegan cheese

I have found some amazing vegan cheeses and now even make some of my own flavors. 


What’s your favorite recipe?

This is a tough question as I now have tons of favorites.  Once I became a vegan, an entire new world of cooking became available to me.  Spices from regions all over our Earth, exotic fruits and vegetables, and new recipes with previously unheard of ingredients were now at my new vegan doorstep.  I dug right in and make new dishes all the time. 

My favorite recipes are ones that people can’t believe are vegan.  These recipes don’t have to take all day to cook, but they explode with flavor and anyone, no matter what their skill level in the kitchen is, can prepare.

Chick’n Salad Sandwiches

The Perfect Mexican Dip

Make and take these to your next party.  People will be shocked they are vegan approved.


If you had to persuade someone to be a vegan, what information would you give them to make the switch?

   Ryan interviewed me on two occasions on our lunch break.  I was honored that he picked me for his assignment. It was the perfect way for me to have another avenue to spread the vegan word.   

When I was thinking about all of the different ways that I try to persuade others to get them to make the switch to veganism, that EUREKA moment flashed in my head, like fireworks going off in my b

I would give them all the information that Ryan just asked me about in the above questions.

Image result for fireworks

And not only that, but I would use this information in my next blog post to actually persuade others. Thanks again Ryan!  Your assignment turned into a terrific blog post for me!

Take the positive vegan leap now.  The animals, your health, and Mother Nature will thank you.  You will wish you would have done it sooner.

Ryan, it’s never too late to #Govegan

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