Oreo Thins

Oreo Thins

Yep, Oreo Thins.  Captain UK picked up some of these delightful cookies  today while I was working. He surprised me with them after the lunch he made of a lovely pasta and marinara sauce; ready for when I came home this afternoon.

I love double stuffed Oreo cookies.  Who doesn’t?  These Oreo Thins were a whole new adventure.


Are Oreo’s actually vegan?  Yes!!!

Are Oreo’s low in sugar?  No!!!

Are Oreo’s low in calories?  No!!!

Are Oreo’s healthy?  Fuck No!!!

Are Oreo’s good for you?  Fuck No, in no way, shape, or form!!! Unless you are talking mental health!

Sometimes we all just have a little bit of a sweet tooth.

We work hard! We play hard!  We deserve a little tasty sweet treat when we are craving one.  These little cookies do the trick.

Tons of varieties too!




There is a million different fantastic vegan websites (which is a GREAT thing) loaded with tons of vegan recipes.  New ones are popping up every day. We are seeing an endless supply of amazing vegan food.  Who wouldn’t love that?


We have it all from raw vegan to Fat Gay Vegan and everything in between.  We have burgers, Indian recipes, street food, Mexican taco varieties, gluten free, frozen and restaurant options. Availability of new products are growing by the day.  You name it; we vegans are doing it and doing it well.


Since we have so many options, I have decided to direct my website towards product reviews and some recipes using those products. I am looking for all your input—good, bad, ugly, and in between.  If there is something out there you want to try, but you just don’t see yourself spending $7.99 on a 4 oz. package of vegan cheese, let me know.  I will do the work for you.


 Captain UK and I will purchase, taste test, add to recipes, and give our honest as fuck opinions.  I have been vegan for over 3 years; the Captain almost 6 years.  We love love LOVE food.  We will be your vegan food warriors, love it or hate it.  Daily posts and blogs will record our every move for you benefit.


In the next few months, our new kitchen is going in and we will be recording crazy ass videos of our taste tests, drinking escapades, and vegan cumfuckery.  YOU WILL LOVE IT.  I PROMISE!

ice cream

Stay tuned for lots of newbie stuff.  Return constantly for new reviews to make your life easier.  Yes, the carnivores will still keep asking you where you get your protein from! The assholes will keep spouting “Bacon” on your social media.  We will still be here for support!  We hope you enjoy!


Completely new website coming very soon. Yes, Bitch Can Cook, but from now on, this website will be doing vegan product reviews and recipes using those products. Easy as fuck for the novices and experts alike.

New Category – Serious Shit

I am starting a new category called Serious Shit.  My website is meant to be fun, have some great recipes, some silly tidbits, information for the newbie and experienced alike, and just bring it all together in a common sense easy to read way.


But and that’s a big BUT, I also like to write serious, relevant articles pertaining to veganism, animal rights, cruelty, food,  abuse, health and compassion.  I am going to post these articles here.  So, if you want to visit my site for great food—great.  If you want to visit my site for product reviews—great.   If you want to visit my site for silly in your face fun—great.  Now, if you want to visit my site for serious, give a major fuck shit—super awesomely great.


Stay vegan.  Stay fantastic.

Happy Easter




In our household, Easter is a time of sleeping in, chocolates, and $$$ for the boys!  This morning, Captain UK and I took a 5 mile bike ride in 30 degree temps to get the day started.   What a beautiful clean crisp day. The cold kicked my ass, but I am so thrilled we did it.  New bikes yesterday.  We started riding immediately.  Now that exercise and responsibility are out of the way, food, drinks, and snacks are on the menu.


We started out with a super healthy breakfast loaded with flavor. It’s so fucking easy being a vegan.  You may just need guidance on getting started.  All these foods were easily purchased and cooked up.

I couldn’t sleep last night, so I whipped up a vegan banana cake for our Easter dessert.  I piled on a buttercream frosting with Miyoko’s vegan butter!  It’s so good that one of the omnivores of the house ate a piece before I had a chance to make the frosting.  I believe that’s a good sign.


We had some snacks to keep us running as we worked hard on our day.


Captain UK and I are doing a garlic/mushroom cream sauce with Italian pasta.  It’s a newbie for us and it turned out even better than we expected.



What’s nice is that there is no more egg hunting, no more hams in the roaster, no more deviled eggs, no more prime rib of beef, no more dyed eggs, no more stuffed turkeys, no more animal abuse.  Torture, stress, pain, and slaughter is removed on a holiday that is supposed to ensure hope and happiness.  Odd isn’t it?

Celebrating  a holiday by slaughtering lambs(babies) for your main meal is cruel and  a complete hypocrisy of peace, love and understanding.  Maybe you prefer a rib roast from another sentient being, the loving, doesn’t want to die cow.  How about snatching a turkey from her family to make as your main attraction on this peaceful day?

We don’t need to do any of this as you can see.  We had a great day.  We ate like kings and queens( vegans of course).  No one starved.  No one was harmed.  It was a fun, loving, peaceful day full of compassion, understanding and guilt free.   Enjoy the holiday.  Hope it was as awesome as ours.

My Perspective

My Perspective

The stronger and heavier I go into veganism, the more I want to know, the more I want to do.  I am constantly trying to up my game.  I want to find great recipes.  I want to share this with everyone.  I want to find more ways to be an advocate for others, whether answering questions, giving advice, or just some vegan humor. I literally cringe on my daily drive past the local slaughterhouse, and want to protest and do more.


That’s why I started this webpage.  I wanted to show that veganism isn’t all about salad and hippies (a very ill-conceived notion at its finest).

I wasn’t looking for flowery dresses and perfect bodies.   You don’t have to run 3 miles each day and never eat processed food.  Not that there isn’t anything wrong with the above statements, but fuck me, who is that perfect?   Not me!  I am fine with that.


Veganism is a lifestyle choice that allows a person to have all the compassion in the world.  We want to create the least amount of harm to all animals. By awakening, I grow more aware daily. I find new ways to contribute to a better world, a better me.

In doing so, we recreate ourselves to help all creatures!  The wonderful side effect is that our way of living not only saves torturous, abusive, death sentence lives, we help the environment, and our health too.

The evidence for better health is seen everywhere.  Story after story of people losing weight, feeling much better, and getting off their medications for all sorts of ailments are common.  I had no need for my high blood pressure medication after becoming a vegan for about a year.

Aches and pains disappear.  Joints feel better.


Animal agriculture is slowly rotting us away!  How could they not be? They are crammed full of stressed animals, who are beaten, raped, doped with massive amounts of antibiotics, and surrounded by waste. They are then taken to slaughter with fear before being murdered.  People are consuming that!  How can any of this be good for our bodies?  This is in addition to the thousands of scientific studies proving that eating meat and dairy contributes to cancer, heart problems, diabetes, weight gain, intestinal issues, and a whole host of other depressing issues.


Environmental problems related to animal waste, food and water consumption, antibiotic usage, and climate factors are harsh for the planet.

Veganism a win for all the right reasons.  Why do so many people resist making the change?

Why do people keep hollering, “BACON”?  Why do people keep saying they can’t give up their eggs and cheese when the dairy industry is just as fucking cruel.  Millions of male chicks are ground up—GROUND THE FUCK UP!!  Why the hell do we grind up living creatures like it’s a simple task? How can these people that do this for a living, go home and sleep?


Baby cows are taken from their mommy’s within hours of being born to be put into veal boxes.  HOURS OF BEING BORN!!  Mommies cry for their babies for days. Babies are put into boxes, chained for little movement until slaughter for tender meat.  How is anything about this humane?   How the fuck are we so cruel?

How do we put this cruelty in our own bodies and expect anything but negativity?

I have been a vegan for almost three years now.  The more I know, the more I want/need to do.  I am starting to understand why vegans get angry.  I want people to wake up.  I want people to smell the blood of their decisions.


Unexpectedly Unexpected

I am a nice quiet vegan.   Maybe not so quiet, but nice.  I don’t push my lifestyle on others, most of the time.  I do enjoy a good Twitter “debate” though.  Twitter is the place to either push for your agenda or defend your agenda.



My Facebook page is usually pretty tame: blogs, recipes, tips, and product reviews.

My website is a mixture of both.

All that social media aside, I am always happy to answer questions about veganism.  I like to show off my food that I make for my family and friends.  I also like to brag how easy, compassionate, and delicious being a vegan is.


Out in the real world, it’s a little more complex. I have a family to provide for.   I have a job to do.  I have people I need to work with to get through the day. I have children (older, but still my kids) that aren’t vegan yet.



Sometimes, actually many times, it can be very frustrating and aggravating hearing the constant unwanted comments, digs, and jokes against veganism. You think you grow accustomed to the ill remarks, but I am not sure you ever really do. Yes, they grow wearisome.  They are cliché.  They are expected.



So, when the unexpected is said unexpectedly, sometimes, it’s time to rejoice and just revel in the moment that maybe, just maybe your veganism has had a positive impact on others.




I work with mostly men.  I work with mostly omnivores with a heavy leaning towards meat and all other food groups go around their meat.  A small group of us can talk, laugh, and joke about all our food sources, including my veganism.  I joke about how their food is going to kill them.  They joke about making me vegan baked beans with bacon added just for flavor.  It’s ok.


Today, one of them approached me when I walked in this morning to let me know they not only found on sale, but purchased vegan meatballs yesterday and could not believe how great they were, even without sauce and just baked in the oven.  I was impressed.  I was even more so impressed when they continued that they bought some other vegan products and were so far, very surprisingly impressed with them.


I know as a vegan we feel like at times, it’s a losing battle to get others to see the light.  Today, I feel like I made a difference and it feels good, really really good!