How in the Hell did you ever arrive at that name?  That’s a question I get asked all the time!

Years ago when I was a meat eating dairy glutton, I considered myself an excellent cook.  I was very talented at taking whatever ingredients I had on hand and turning them into incredible meals for my family.  My boys would come home from school to amazing meals that I had thrown together that afternoon.  They would ooh and ahh over their food and thank me profusely.  They loved what a great cook their mother was and I loved cooking for them.  Their friends were always over, hoping for an invitation to eat with us.  I took great pride in my cooking abilities and my knack for turning nothing into something special.   Eggs, cheese, meat and butter were common ingredients.

One particular day, the boys popped in from school to yet another delicious meal.  As they started tearing into their food, I said to them, “What do you say?”  With their mouths full, the boys said in unison “Thank you!”   “No,” I said.  They looked at me in bewilderment and said cautiously, “It’s really good?!” Again I said “No!” Now I really had them stumped.  They were completely confused.  I repeated “What do you say?” As they stared at me with their silent questioning faces, I said, “Bitch Can Cook!” We all busted up in laughter.  The new phrase became a family joke.


From that time on, whenever we had dinner guests and I would serve the food, the kids would inevitably and collectively chant “Bitch can cook!” There was the usual questionable looks followed by laughter.  The catchphrase became a silly ingrained way to thank me for my food offerings.

Fast forward a few years.  Captain UK and I hooked up!  Not only was marrying him one of my best decisions ever, so was leaping into the wonderful movement of veganism, with his guidance.

nacho bake

The only problem that dropped anchor with becoming a vegan was I had to learn to cook all over again.   I relished the opportunity.  An entire new world of cooking opened up for me. We tried new products.  Some were great.  Some were good.  Some were awful.   There were hits and there were misses.


One evening, a few months in, I veganized one of our favorite dairy containing dishes.  Normally, sour cream and shredded cheddar were staples in the dish.  It was my “famous” taco dip that the boys couldn’t get enough of.  After they chowed down about half of this vegan version, I informed them that it was, in fact, vegan.  They could not believe how great it tasted.  Like the pros they are, my youngest (about 10 at the time) quickly chimed in with “Bitch can cook!” and just as quickly said, “No!  Wait! VEGAN Bitch Can Cook!”

Captain UK still won’t utter the phrase, but that’s another blog post.

The rest is history.

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